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    Some of the various Climate Change projects carried out by EECG.
Project : Improvement of Emission factors in Southern Africa’s power sector
Client : ESKOM

Project : CDM-Capacity Building among Private Sector in Southern Africa
Client : EU-Synergy

Project : Organization of a technical workshop on carbon capture and Stiorage in Africa
Client : ECN of netherlands

Project : US country Studies- Vulnerability and Adaptation of the hydrology and water resources sector in Botswana
Client : Department of Mines

Project : UNFCCC Consultant of Technology Transfer Process in Africa- Assessment of past experiences
Client : UNFCCC Secretariat

Project : Training of Task Teams in Uganda, Ghana and the Gambia for Clean Development Mechanism Project Development
Client : UNEP Centre at RISO- Denmark

Project : Carbon Financing for CDM projects
Client : Econ/World Bank and UNEP Centre at Risoe in Denmark

Project : Potential Clean Development Mechanism Transport Project in Africa
Client : ENDA/ EDRC

Project : Training workshop on climate change mitigation analysis + LEAP model
Client : UNITAR & government of Ethiopia

Project : Workshop Organization and facilitation- USIJI
Client : US Dept of Energy- National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Project : Joint Implementation-political and practical aspects
Client : Institute of Environmental Studies- Amsterdam

Project : Greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural sector-Zimbabwe
Client : IDRC/Southern Centre

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